Sunday, April 12, 2009

Respecting the Constitution - Not

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a fine example of the types of federal judges that the current administration will appoint, and the current Senate will happily confirm. In an interview with the New York Times, she openly admits to thinking that foreign jurisprudence has relevance to American courts and that our courts can, and should, cite foreign legal decisions. She says it's like looking to American law review journals. It's not. Law Reviews attempt to interpret American law. By definition, foreign courts are interpreting foreign law. Ginsburg says they don't rely on foreign decisions, but if they rely on foreign reasoning, then it's the same thing. Remember, elections have consequences. Perhaps the single best reason to vote for McCain was to avoid more of the partisan leftist mischief of the sort Ginsburg-style Justices could bring to the Supreme Court. Of course, Bush I brought us David Souter. More reason to throw the bums out!


  1. This is just so DISRESPECTUL! I dont even know why these people even paid for college, because tey didnt learn a darn thing about american pride, and the true history of this country, what makes it the is ok, to have personal views, but if you represent the people of this country then those views stay away from the peoples laws...because if they are ever implemented then the people lose the laws that belong to them and are under a forieng law! This is not what is expected of the ones that are appointed and have sworn a oath to uphold the constitution, for the saftey of the PEOPLE!

  2. Her voicing THAT opinion should have made here an automatic candidate for Recall -- as being to UnAmerican or simply too senile for her high position.