Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Props 1A-1E: Excellent Poll Results

This is a fantastic graphic from the Sacramento Bee. Props 1A through 1E getting blasted in the polls. This is the crap that the legislature is trying to pull on the voters to help them cover the insane budget gap. I am confident that the California Teachers Association will be pouring on every last dollar they have to get these approved by the voters, but with the State Democratic Party officially neutral on A, D & E, and the SEIU opposed 1A(!), it's not looking good for that pack of baboons* we call the State Legislature. There's room for movement in the undecideds, but it's looking exceptionally grim for A-E.

Only the last one, F, which disallows raises for legislators when they can't make a budget (which is pretty much every year), is running ahead, and it's way, waaaaayyyyy ahead.

After days of relentlessly bad news, this is the first political good news I've seen. Thank you, good voters of California.

* The collective noun for baboons is actually Congress - as in a congress of baboons

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