Monday, March 30, 2009

On The Importance of Staying Involved

I bring to your attention an article from the Politico website yesterday. Over 100 political organizations on the Left have banded together to form an umbrella organization, centered on George Soros’ organization, to aggregate funds and organize campaigns for state offices.

These organizations, whose funding utterly dwarfs analogous groups from the Right, all stand in line with their hands out to the government, asking for more public funding. They get that funding and spend a good deal of it on more political organizing to ask for more public funding. They support sympathetic legislators who are more than happy to ‘tax the rich’ or just ‘spend money we don’t have’ to give them even more money. It’s a vicious circle wherein taxpayers pay the salaries of people whose job it is to advocate to take more taxpayer money.

These organizations are in ‘permanent campaign’ mode where everything is politicized and the campaigning never stops. Just now, a huge campaign is being waged in districts of undecided Congressmen around the country to pass President Obama’s horrible new budget.

This is why it is important for people drawn to politics for the first time as part of the Tea Party movement, opposing the current paroxysm of spending in D.C., to stay involved. Frankly, no one can outspend those on the political left who strive only to bleed away more public funds, so we have to outwork them. To do that, people who are mad today have to stay with politics, stay involved, and keep working to bring sanity back to our political process.

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