Sunday, March 29, 2009

How, and Why, I Pick Stuff to Post

So, this blog/website is set up to promote the San Jose Tax Day Tea Party on April 15 at Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose (5 - 7 PM). Other than the initial "Welcome" post, none of the blog entries have been about the event. That will change as we get closer to the event - so please keep checking back.

However, I am also using this as a place to post a couple of entries every day that are on generally on the topic of the fiscal irresponsibility of our current administration - which is, after all, the reason we're all so ticked off. A very important part of the exercise of holding these Tea Parties is for regular citizens who may not devote their every waking hour to politics to become more involved - to emulate our Founders who dumped that tea in Boston harbor, to understand that everyday citizens can fight the Leviathan. I hope that these posts inform, inflame, uplift, inspire, or amuse the readers of this blog and encourage greater political understanding and participation. It's not all greed and ego - there is still a place in American politics for ideas and honorable citizen participation.

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